Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just another online course platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed for individuals eager to establish and grow their businesses in the digital space. I’ve seen a multitude of platforms promising swift success, but Wealthy Affiliate stands out with its practical approach to online entrepreneurship. What grabs my attention and that of many … Read more

Investment Tips For Young Adults

My journey into investing started with a critical look at my own finances. For anyone getting into investing, this is a crucial first step. Here’s what I learned. Prioritizing debt payoff, especially high-interest debt, is essential. You’ll likely find the return on paying off these debts is higher than most investments you could make. This … Read more

Organize Your Life With Checkvist

You read that correctly, I said “Checkvist” (with a ‘V’). 😊 It’s a tool I’ve been using for several years to organize my life, both personal and work. Now that I’ve retired early, I will be using Checkvist to manage my Wealthy Affiliate business. I wanted to share it here in the hopes it might … Read more

My Return To Wealthy Affiliate: Let’s Do This (Again)!

I’m going to take you back to March 2013. That’s when it all started for me with Wealthy Affiliate – a platform buzzing with the promise of online entrepreneurship. I jumped in headfirst, eager to learn and create. Building my website felt like crafting my own digital real estate, and networking with others through WA’s … Read more

About Me

Welcome to Mauder’s Money Matters! I’m Dave, and my goal here is to teach others smart strategies for early retirement and financial freedom. The phrase, “early retirement” can mean many things to many people. For me, it meant reaching a point in my life where my money would finally work as hard for me as … Read more