You read that correctly, I said “Checkvist” (with a ‘V’). 😊 It’s a tool I’ve been using for several years to organize my life, both personal and work. Now that I’ve retired early, I will be using Checkvist to manage my Wealthy Affiliate business. I wanted to share it here in the hopes it might benefit others as it has me.

Full disclosure before I get into it… This post does contain a referral code at the bottom which will get you a 15% discount on a PRO plan. But the only benefit I could receive is a free Checkvist PRO account for myself. And that’s only if 5 or more people choose to upgrade from a free account to a PRO account (which is totally optional). Read on!

What is Checkvist?

With that out of the way, Checkvist is an Outliner and List Making tool, on STEROIDS! Over the years, I’ve tried many different tools and systems for project management, task list management, general list making, note taking, and outlining. Nothing really “stuck” for very long until I stumbled across Checkvist. I have now been using Checkvist on a daily basis since mid-2020.

Unfortunately, it’s not a company or tool you’ll likely hear much about. It very rarely shows up in reviews or “Top #” articles about task management tools or outliners. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect because they are a small operation and don’t spend much on marketing or advertising. So I’m simply spreading the word as an ambassador because I love Checkvist so much and use it daily to organize many areas of my life.

Checkvist is Packed with Features!

My favorite “feature” of Checkvist is that it can be used 100% from the keyboard with easy, intuitive keyboard shortcuts. No mouse required! Of course, if you prefer using a mouse, that’s OK too. But when I’m working, I like to keep my hands on the keyboard as much as possible because I can work much faster and more efficiently.

Don’t worry about remembering all the different keyboard shortcuts either. All you have to do is press <SHIFT> <SHIFT> and a screen pops with every available command and shortcut. Simply start typing the first few letters of what you are trying to do, and BOOM — there it is! Press <ENTER> and it’s done.

Checkvist supports endless hierarchies for your lists, Markdown formatting, Zen & dark modes, time estimating, due dates, repeating tasks, amazing search and on-the-fly list filtering, as well as all the usual stuff you’d expect such as tags, priorities, attachments, and more. Honestly the feature list seems endless, and they are actively adding new features or enhancing existing ones.

Another thing I really love about Checkvist is the ability to dynamically link between lists, or sections/items within a list. It uses familiar wiki linking syntax. This means if you want to add a link to anything anywhere in any of your lists, simply type two left square brackets ( [[ ) and then start typing a few characters of what it is you’re trying to link to. Checkvist will start displaying a list of everything across all your Checkvist lists for you to choose from.

This is very handy for creating a Master List, or a table-of-contents for quick access to things you need to reference often.

What Do I Use Checkvist For?

So many things…

  • Outlining and writing tasks
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Ideas for new articles/blog posts
  • Managing all my To-Do’s
  • Shopping Lists
  • Organizing all my links & bookmarks
  • Web clippings (yes, they have a web clipper browser extension too!)
  • Logging work and tracking time spent
  • Daily journaling
  • Planning projects around the house

And here’s the best part — Checkvist is 100% free! Well, they do have a PRO plan available, but for 99% of people, the free plan is more than sufficient and provides all the features you need. But for anyone needing more advanced capabilities such as repeating tasks, due task reminders, Google Calendar sync, advanced sharing, bulk operations, 2GB file attachments, and a few other useful items, there is a reasonably priced PRO plan available.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to sign up for a free Checkvist account at and take it for a test drive.

Good news is, if you decide to upgrade to the PRO plan later, after your 14-day free PRO trial of course, you can enjoy a 15% discount using my code: DM-2024.

Happy List Making! ✅🥰

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