The #100Days "Cure" for Writers Analysis Paralysis ✍

#100Days (Day 1/100)

Analysis paralysis. It's the best term I can think of to describe what I've been feeling for quite some time. I used to be a writer, and a pretty decent one at that. I was even nationally syndicated! But somewhere along the line, I lost my voice. I lost my ability to generate new topic ideas. I lost my desire. The spark was gone. At some point, I decided nobody out there really cared about what I had to say, or wanted to read any of my writing.

That was years ago, and since then the itch to write has been ever present and very persistent. But instead of actually writing, I spend much of my spare time reading articles, listening to podcasts, or watching videos about daily writing habits, routines, and tools people use to write. That, my friends, is what I call analysis paralysis. This is not what writers do, this is what wannabe writers do. Writers actually write.

For several years, roughly 2015-2019, I wrote very sporadically using a web service called I love the website, but what I wrote was mostly feckless brain drizzle, and nothing I would ever share with anyone else. Some days, when I couldn't think of anything else, I would literaly write, "I don't know what to write today... Blah, blah, blah", or something to that effect. 🤷‍♂️

I really want, no I need, to find my voice again. I want to once again feel like I have something to say.

So, my plan, starting today, is to join Listed's #100Days writing challenge. I've been using Standard Notes for over a year now, and I really like it. I've just started playing around with their blogging platform, Listed, and I've decided to start using it for something productive.

I'll be going way outside my comfort zone here because I'm actually going to commit to publishing my writing each day of the challenge. Even if it's just a few sentences, I'll be posting something to my Listed blog each day.

Stay tuned for more to come....tomorrow! 😎

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